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Submitting Your IRB Application

Submission Process for Expedited/Exempt Applications

Submission Process:

One (1) completed application wtih appropriate signatures and attachments can be hand-delivered to the Office of Academic Affairs, Patrick Henry or faxed to 412.397.2528, AND electronically submit the completed application and attachments as a Word attachment to with "IRB Review" in the subject line of the e-mail.

Using the Forms
Identify the form, open it with a left click and save it on your machine, using your last name and date as the document name.

Answer all questions.

Form fields are shaded on your screen. Use the tab key to move from one form field down to the next. Text form fields will expand as you begin to type. If necessary, text from other sources can be pasted into text fields, using the 'copy' and 'paste' commands.

Click the left mouse button to insert an x in a check box. Click a second time to delete the "x".

Submission Process for Full Review Forms
If it has been determined by reviewing members of the IRB Committee that the application requires a full review, the applicant will be asked to submit additional copies of the application as well as being submitted electronically. These can be either hand-delivered to the Office of Academic Affairs, Patrick Henry or mailed to the RMU IRB Committee. Applications are not considered complete unless all fields are filled and all signatures are attached.